Scripps Canyon Dive Jan 15

Walter Chung and I made a dive on Scripps Canyon on MLK day.
We have been looking for a way to do this dive on a regular basis.
There seemed to be 5 choices

1. Gain access to a key to UCSD controlled La Jolla Farms gate to the road to the north end of Blacks Beach

UCSD Scuba Club had a key for 15+ years before it was misplaced and UCSD would not replace it
Power Scuba has access to key for a monthly dive on Scripps Canyon
UCSD could provide a key
La Jolla Farms Homeowners are provided a key

2. Scooter from Scripps Dive Locker
Drop gear in front of Scripps Dive Locker
No Parking at Scripps Dive Locker, need to park on the street
17 min scooter dive to Scripps Canyon

3. Scooter from North End of La Jolla Shores
Parking no problem
40 min scooter dive to Scripps Canyon
Typical time in the water for a 30 min dive in the canyon of 110 mins (40 min to canyon, 30 dive, 40 min back)

4. Inflatable Dive boat launch at La Jolla Shores
Cost of boat, long time frame to setup, launch and put away boat

5. Larger Dive boat to launch at Mission Bay.
Cost of boat, long run to Scripps Canyon, basically an all day event
    1. Well we added a 6th choice.
    2. There is a UCSD parking lot south of Scripps Pier which is open to the public on weekends and UCSD holidays.
    3. The parking lot sits just north of the last private house on the beach prior to Scripps Pier and a bit south of Caroline’s Seaside Cafe on the Scripps campus
    4. Pubic parking is paid, $8/day. Walter and I selected the $5 option and had about an hour left on the clock at the end of dive.
    5. Run to Scripps Canyon was ~24 minutes so its doable for a hour run time scooter if the Scripps Canyon is done as a kick dive
    6. Walter had his Genesis and I had a 2 battery Piranha so we scooter the whole dive.
    7. Logistics are very doable so we will be making the dive again. Yahoo…
    8. Dive was nice, viz in the canyon was in the 25+ foot range. Hit the canyon and headed left to head toward Beal’s cable, once we saw the north side of the canyon wall we crossed over and headed west keeping the canyon wall to starboard and maintaining a depth of 100 feet. Keep a lookout for swell sharks but found none. We turned the dive and followed are path back to Beal’s cable. We then headed southeast into shallower water. In 38 feet we found the site of the kelp bed we enjoyed last summer. A few strands of kelp and some solid substrate including ridge about 1-2 feet high. About 5 minutes north of the Scripps Pier. We will gather a GPS coordinate in the future for this site.
    9. After dive we headed over Caroline’s for coffee and scones.
    10. Despite decent surfing waves and a number of surfers in the water, the parking lot was less then half full

    GUE Fundys Sat Aug 2

    On Saturday Joe, Amy and I met at 7:00 AM, did a quick pre-brief and then completed dive 1 of GUE Fundamentals.
    Conditions were fairly flat and we were able to to spend most of the dive doing skills in 20 feet of depth.
    Water was warm with a thermocline around 17 and deeper on around 30 feet or so.
    We had a bit of rain between dives but fortunately nothing like the previous week.
    Between dives we reviewed video shot during the first dive.
    Then completed dive 2 and headed off to San Diego Divers to fill tanks, make a few gear adjustments and review video shot during the second dive.
    Test Test Test

    Boundary Wall Dive Thursday 6:00 PM July 31

    Karl, Walter made up 1 team and Peter and I made up the other.
    Karl and Walter had the faster scooter - Karl - Cuda, Walter - Genesis and were in the water ready to go a bit before Peter and I. So the dives in the canyon were largely separate. Returning to eel grass we found 72 degree water at 40 feet so spent a bit longer in the eel grass then normal. Tide was out a bit although the waves were 2-4 feet.


    Fundys Dive Day 1 La jolla Shores July 27

    Joe, Amy and I met at 7:00 AM at La Jolla Shores.
    After setting up the tent and stands we headed into the Village for breakfast and to review the Fundys video.
    Returning to the Shores we moved gear to the site, reviewed Basic 5 and then it began to rain, lightning and thunder.
    Made some adjustments to the gear and waited for the squall to past before entering the water.
    Once the squall began to die headed to the Vallecitos restrooms to don the drysuit undergarments and found Vallecitos Street completely flooded.
    Spillway leading across the beach and to the ocean had been spewing ugly brown smelly water for awhile so I cancelled the dives.
    We headed to the YMCA to complete the swim test and then finished completed the final lecture and wrote the exam.

    Boundary Wall Dive Thursday 6:00 PM July 24

    Lauryn Evans joined us for the first after moving to San Diego from Singapore. We provided an excellent introduction to San Diego surf entries with a high tide and couple of feet of surf.
    At high tide Marine Room typically produces a reflected wave moving south to north to complement the west to north swell. Tide was higher on the way out making for an entrusting exit up the walkway between Marine Room and the first house.